Transaction Processing Systems - Definitions

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A transaction must occur or be undone completely
An event that occurs when an item is exchanged for money or another item
Storing historical data that has been generated in TPS's
Analysing data for trends and patterns
Undoing unwanted changes in data
Recreating lost data using a transaction log containing backup records
Used for reading the characters on cheques
The use of fingerprints and voice recognition for security
When transactions are processed immediately upon the event occuring
When tranactions are collected over a period of time and then processed
A measure of the completeness and accuracy of the data
The checking of data to ensure the data is acceptable
Only backing up files that have changed since the last backup
Having three successive verions of a full backup
The use of inactive 'chips' to store information
The requirement that no two transactions interfere with each other in any way
The requirement that each transaction performs the same processes each time in the same way
The requirement that is satisfied when all the changes that a transaction has made to the database become permanent upon finalisation